About Us

SIMENSION® was founded and established in New York City. You are what you say you are, regardless of what the world thinks about you so feel free to express it through your choice of fashion. The brand is simply a lifestyle that represents always looking towards the future and progressing in life, even when faced with obstacles and adversities. We represent embracing changes whether good or bad that you can learn from to move forward into a future you desire for yourself, while encouraging you to turn your imaginations into reality.

We represent these beliefs through the expression of our futuristic stylish clothing. In other words, your swag and style derive from a distant dimension. When wearing our brand your style will always stand out because of its rare design and originality. Our goal is to produce authentic quality clothing with iconic designs, original patterns, and futuristic characters. The brand caters to the youth, hip hop, sports, fashion/streetwear community, and anyone that feels like they are in their Simension. We hope to expand nationwide, and we’re open to collaborations. Are you in your Simension? If so, join the Simension universe of fashion and streetwear!!